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Production & Arranging

We offer the whole production package, from the Pre Production stages, going over Demos, song ideas, Co-writing/Arranging new material, you decide how involved you want us to be and we’ll be there every step of the way towards the actual recording stage.
If you are looking for the right musicians to work with, we can always share our contacts and get the right people to join the production. we have access to many great session musicians and top strings sections from both the live and studio scene.

Recording & Mixing

Offtape’s concept is built around our artists being able to track their projects in a live set up with total amp/instrument separation, specially tailored to fit the vision and create the best vibe to achieve the best performance.
We offer amazing album/EP packages or just simply come and record your best vocal take, your most inspiring guitar solos or add a string quartet… its all possible. The Mixing process as an extension of the song arrangement & pre production, therefore shaping the mix with the artist’s vision is what we are focused on.
You can book a few hours each time or get a deal for booking a few days to track and mix, we are very flexible.
If you want to use the studio with your own crew we’d be happy to have you, our highly competitive dry hire rates also include one of our experienced assistant engineers as part of the package should you need one.


Choosing the right mastering engineer is a very important stage of the production. we work with the most talented mastering engineers the industry has to offer, both here in the UK and abroad. with you, we will choose the right mastering engineer for your album and make sure you get that extra gloss finish to your tracks.