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On May 20, 2014, Posted by , With Comments Off on Electric Suitcase
1425659_450764531711050_2041017075_nWhen the studio opened its doors almost 2 years ago, these guys were the first through the door. with an indie alternative vibe, edgy guitars, strong melodies and captivating vocals by front man Joss Flores, Electric Suitcase was evolving right in front of my eyes and ears 😉
A few months down the line we went into co-production mode and after a few long days in the studio tracking the album, the mixing was done and the outcome was a great debut EP for the band.
Sharing their vision was a great experience for me and I’m very proud of this project.
You’ll be hearing more from the boys very soon as we are going into pre production of their new album this summer… watch this space for more updates.

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